Gibson 2016 ’50s Tribute T

The Gibson 2016 ’50s Tribute T has a traditional Les Paul mahogany body with a grain textured, satin finish maple top, as well as a mahogany neck with a ’50s profile and a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard. The time-tested selection of tonewoods, while Green Keys-style tuners and the faithful Tune-O-Matic bridge keep your tuning stability and intonation true during even the longest gigs.

The Gibson 2016 ’50s Tribute T comes with a plain maple top and a mahogany neck and back. It has a modern weight relief, the neck has a rounded profile, the Gibson 2016 ’50s Tribute T also comes with a TekToid nut, 22 frets and a rosewood 12″ radius fingerboard.

Gibson 2016 ’50s Tribute T

The Gibson 2016 ’50s Tribute T has trapezoid made of acrylic inlays, comes with a 490R humbucker in the neck and a 498T humbucker in the bridge, it also has a a volume and tone control for each pickup, Grover green tunning machines, a tune-o-matic bridge and a stop bar tailpiece. Finally, the Gibson 2016 ’50s Tribute T comes with a Les Paul cream pick guard and a black gig bag.

Gibson 2016 ’50s Tribute T

The Gibson 2016 ’50s Tribute T comes in 4 different finishes:

  • Satin Gold Top w/Dark Back
  • Satin Honeyburst with Dark Back
  • Satin Ebony
  • Satin Vintage Sunburst

Gibson 2016 ’50s Tribute T

Characteristics of the Gibson 2016 ’50s Tribute T:

  • Tuners: Traditional green-key tuners
  • Neck width: Historic 1 11/16″ neck width
  • Nut: TekToid nut
  • Neck heel: Classic Les Paul neck heel
  • Carrying case: Padded gigbag
  • Body: Maple and mahogany with modern weight relief
  • Pickups: 490R and 498T humbuckers
  • Fingerboard: Thicker one-piece rosewood fingerboard
  • Setup: Comprehensive hand-finished setup
  • Neck profile: Rounded ’50s neck profile

Of course, nothing that we or a video can say will be better than going to your local music shop and see and feel and test a Gibson 2016 ’50s Tribute T by yourself, nothing can be better than your own judgement. With our review, we try to help you make a decision but we always advise you to try the guitar by yourself before buying.

Check the videos below for more information and to hear the different sounds you can get from the Gibson 2016 ’50s Tribute T.

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