Gibson SG Dark 7

The Gibson SG Dark 7, the light side of our Limited Run of 7 strings SG guitars. 300 pieces worldwide only!

The Gibson SG Dark 7 comes with a mahogany body and neck. It has no weight relief and weights around 4.2 lbs, the neck has a rounded profile, the Gibson SG Dark 7 also comes with a Tektoid nut, 24 frets and a richlite, 12″ radius, fingerboard.

Gibson SG Dark 7

The Gibson SG Dark 7 has trapezoids with VII on the 7th fret, made of mother of pearl, inlays, comes with a Seymour Duncan SH-1n pickup in the neck and a Seymour Duncan SH-4 pickup in the bridge, it also has two volume controls and two tone controls, one for each pickup, and a toggle switch pickup selector. The Gibson SG Dark 7 comes in only one finish, Ebony.

Gibson SG Dark 7

The Gibson SG Dark 7 comes with Grover tunning machines, a stop bar tailpiece and a tune-o-matic bridge. Finally, the Gibson SG Dark 7 comes with a black hard shell case.

Gibson SG Dark 7 Case

Characteristics of the Gibson SG Dark 7:

  • Tuners: Grover tuners
  • Nut: Tektoid nut
  • Fingerboard: Richlite fingerboard
  • Inlays: Mother of Pearl traps with custom “VII” inlay on the 7th case
  • Binding: Black binding
  • Heel: Fast-access heel
  • Pickups: Seymour Duncan humbuckers
  • Strings: 7 strings
  • Hardware: Black chrome hardware
  • Carrying case: Traditional SG hardshell case

Of course, nothing that we or a video can say will be better than going to your local music shop and see and feel and test a Gibson SG Dark 7 by yourself, nothing can be better than your own judgement. With our review, we try to help you make a decision but we always advise you to try the guitar by yourself before buying.

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