PRS Mark Holcomb Limited Edition

The band Periphery has become a force to be reckoned with in the progressive metal scene with their unique “djent” sound, poly–rhythmic patterns and soaring melodies. Guitarist Mark Holcomb helps achieve this full, lethal sound with PRS guitars loaded with Seymour Duncan Mark Holcomb Signature Pickups dubbed “Alpha” and “Omega.”

“As someone who’s been obsessed with PRS since my youth, it has been an absolute dream to be able to develop my own PRS signature guitar. For nearly the past year, we’ve designed this instrument with the intention of making it not only unique, but something that would satisfy my every taste as a guitarist, from both a technical and aesthetic standpoint. The result is something that truly stands on its own in the PRS lineup, and a guitar that I can undoubtedly say is the best instrument I’ve ever laid my hands on,” – Mark Holcomb, Periphery

PRS Mark Holcomb Limited Edition

Features unique to the Mark Holcomb include a 25.5″ scale length rock maple neck with ebony fretboard and 20″ radius, satin finish, a newly designed PRS plate–style bridge, green abalone “J” birds, black Hipshot O–ring controls, and the guitarist’s signature Seymour Duncan “Alpha” and “Omega” pickups.

Holcomb designed these pickups to be captivatingly clear and punchy – perfect for driving the Periphery sound. As with all Custom 24 models, the Holcomb also comes standard with a carved, figured maple “10” Top, mahogany back, 24 fret Pattern Thin neck, PRS Phase III locking tuners, and volume, tone, 5–way blade switch control layout.

Note: There is no limit to the number of PRS Mark Holcomb Limited Edition signature guitars that were made, but the order window for authorized PRS dealers was limited to January 6, 2015 through March 6, 2015.

The PRS Mark Holcomb Limited Edition is available in the following colors:

  • Black Cherry
  • Black Gold Burst
  • Charcoal Burst
  • Faded Whale Blue
  • Holcomb Burst
  • Jade

PRS Mark Holcomb Limited Edition


  • Top Wood: Quilted Maple 10-Top
  • Back Wood: Mahogany
  • Number of Frets: 24
  • Scale Length: 25.5″
  • Neck Wood: Rock Maple
  • Fretboard Wood: Gaboon Ebony
  • Fretboard Inlays: Green Abalone J Birds
  • Headstock Inlays: Ebony Veneer with Inlaid Signature
  • Neck Shape: Pattern Thin
  • Bridge: PRS Plate-Style
  • Tuners: PRS Phase III Locking Tuners
  • Hardware Type: Nickel
  • Treble Pickup: Mark Holcomb Signature Seymour Duncan “Omega”
  • Bass Pickup: Mark Holcomb Signature Seymour Duncan “Alpha”
  • Controls: Volume and Tone Control with 5-Way Blade Switch

Of course, nothing that we or a video can say will be better than going to your local music shop and see and feel and test a PRS Mark Holcomb Limited Edition by yourself, nothing can be better than your own judgement. With our review, we try to help you make a decision but we always advise you to try the guitar by yourself before buying.

Check the video below for more information and to hear the different sounds you can get from the PRS Mark Holcomb Limited Edition.

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